Sport and families

Research suggests that families and their dynamics are of central importance to an individual's participation levels in sport.

30 June 2017

Lone parents

In 2005, qualitative interviews were conducted amongst lone parents residing in the South East to try to better understand the determinants of sports participation. A significant part of the population fall into the category 'lone parents', and this has its own particular challenges in relation to participation.

The research found that:

  • The demands of being a lone parent centred around the struggle of managing work, household tasks and childcare, all with little assistance. Physical activity was therefore difficult to fit in.
  • Respondents were categorised into three categories dependent upon the level of physical activity they participated in: 'Always', 'Sometimes', and 'Never'. Each category has differences in relation to attitudes and motivations towards sport. 
  • Barriers to participation were both internal and external.

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