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Corporate information

How we’re run, where our money goes and the fine details of us as an organisation.

Board and Executive Leadership Team

All our work is overseen by a diverse Board who make key decisions on the work that's carried out by our seven-strong Executive Leadership Team.

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Annual report

As an arm’s-length, body we produce an annual report summarising our work and detailing our accounts.

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Equality and diversity

Tackling inequality is at the heart of our Uniting the Movement strategy, and every part of the sporting landscape needs to be more equal and diverse – including us, our partners, staff and those we invest in.

Our commitment to diversity

Salary and spending transparency

As part of the Treasury’s transparency policy we publish the salaries of our Executive team, as well as our pay scale, payment performance and non-grant and Exchequer expenditure of more than £25,000.

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Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act gives members of the public the right to access information held by public bodies.

Freedom of information

Publication scheme

Our publication scheme sets out information about who we are, how we’re organised, how we spend public and lottery money, what our goals are and how well we’re doing in meeting those goals.

Publication scheme

Accessibility statement

The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 state all public sector websites must be AA accessible according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This statement records the current accessibility status of our website.

Accessibility statement

Social media community guidelines

Information on how we run our social media channels and how we expect users interacting with our content to act.

Social media community guidelines

Terms of trade

Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, the Sport England standard terms of trade will apply to all procurements.

Tenders and contract opportunities

We procure everything from office equipment to financial, legal and research services – all the information you need can be found below.

Management agreement

Our management agreement with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) sets out the framework of accountability within which we operate.

It also sets out DCMS’ priorities and the indicators used to measure our performance.

Complaints procedure

Our complaints procedure sets out how you can complain about something done by us, or a funded or recognised national governing body, or another organisation we fund.

We’ll keep all complaints confidential and only involve as many personnel or external parties as necessary.

If you make a complaint, we’ll treat you with respect and we expect you to treat our staff the same way. Making a complaint will not affect the level of service you receive from us.

Counter fraud policy statement

We encourage anyone with a concern about a funded project to contact us – you can do so via our contact page.

Meanwhile, below is our statement against fraud.

  • Sport England does not and will not tolerate any form of fraud, corruption or bribery. We are committed to carrying out our business fairly, honestly and openly at all times. We do not, and will not, engage indirectly in or otherwise encourage bribery. We are committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of bribery. We have zero tolerance towards bribery. We aim to maintain anti-bribery compliance “business as usual”, rather than as a one-off exercise.
  • Sport England expects the highest standards of propriety from staff and organisations supplying services.
  • Sport England works with colleagues, external suppliers and grant recipients to ensure we minimise the risk of fraud. Sport England seeks to deter and prevent fraud, corruption and bribery by designing and implementing proportionate policies, strong internal controls and systems to minimise risk.
  • Sport England operates robust systems to detect fraud. Investigations into allegations of fraudulent activity are carried out by accredited counter-fraud specialists and adhere to the relevant investigatory legislation.
  • Upon detection of fraud or any related criminal activity Sport England works with the relevant authorities to pursue prosecution. In addition, we will seek civil recovery of any funds that have not been used for the stated purposes will be sought as well as reasonable costs in seeking recovery.

Modern Slavery Statement

We have a zero-tolerance policy to modern slavery, and we’re committed to identifying, preventing and mitigating modern slavery risks within our own business, our supply chains and our recipients of funding.

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