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Cost of living

We've collated guidance and research on how the cost of living impacts people's activity levels, how to get people active at a low cost and how facilities and organisations can adapt to keep energy costs down.

Impact on activity levels

Using data gathered from our Activity Check-in, we produced a report for partners and organisations who work in the sport and physical activity sector.

It explores our current, collective understanding of how the cost of living impacts people's activity levels and shares some ideas on how to help people get, or remain, active at low or no cost.

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Floodlights on a 4G community football pitch

Cutting energy costs for clubs

There are many challenges arising from the current economic circumstances and the needs for operators to maintain financial and environmental sustainability.

This guidance aims to give practical support on how efficiency measures can reduce running costs for organisations involved with small facilities.

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Managing the impact of higher energy costs on community leisure provision

A guide for local authorities.

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