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Funding guidance

The Movement Fund was created to make it easier to apply for funding. If you're not sure if it's right for your project, or if you need assistance, reach out using the contact information below and we'll do our best to help.

The Movement Fund

What is it?

Launched in April 2024, the Movement Fund offers crowdfunding pledges, grants and resources to improve physical activity opportunities for the people and communities who need it the most.  

If your project aligns with our priorities, we can fund a wide range of costs and items up to £15,000.  

Our focus is to support projects that match our goal of getting more people active, reducing the number of inactive people and tackling inequalities.

This means our investments support the objectives of our strategy, Uniting the Movement.   

At the core of the Movement Fund is its dedication to constant improvement, informed by everything we learn from the projects we fund. 

A boy with a prosthetic leg stands on a paddle board, on water. while an instructor kneels behind him

What kind of help does it offer?

If your organisation and project are eligible for funding, and your project aligns with our goals, you could receive up to £15,000.

We provide this funding as either a contribution to a crowdfunding campaign or as a grant.

You can use these to cover a wide range of costs and items that'll help deliver positive change in your community.   

Crowdfunding enables organisations to raise funds by setting goals and promoting them to attract supporters who can contribute financially - often using discounts and experiences as rewards for donations.  

We’ll let you know how we can support you and your project, along with any tools and resources to help you reach your goals. 

Other types of support

The Movement Fund provides support to help organisations access funding and develop their projects.

If it doesn’t meet your needs, we’ve gathered a list of other ways you could generate funding for your organisation or projects.

We also, via Buddle, offer free learning and support resources to inspire and strengthen clubs and community organisations offering sport and physical activity - and the professionals that work with them. 

Need some assistance?

If you've any questions about funding or your application, you can contact our funding helpline.

We can support you with information about eligibility, the types of support we provide, who we support, other options available to you and any additional needs you might have.

By phone 

For funding enquiries, call 0345 8508 508, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. 

By email

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