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Research and data

We commission, curate and collect research, and then publish data on who's doing sport and activity, and where.

Research drives what we do

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Everyone is different. There isn’t one single answer to helping people get and stay active. That’s why using research and data to understand the people you’re trying to reach is so fundamental.

We’ve brought together what we and others know about different audiences and activities to help you with your own work.

You can also analyse real data to understand what’s happening with activity levels in regions, cities, towns and villages across England.


Research, learnings, and resources to help you understand how to support people from a number of different target groups to get active, and how different activity types can play a key role.

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Discover and analyse real sport and physical activity data, such as our Active Lives surveys, and use it to support your own work. How many people in the country have played football in the last 12 months? Or been to the gym? Or choose to walk or cycle to work? Our data can tell you - from a national level right down to local government wards. 

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Use these tools to interrogate data, whether it be to find out more about your local area, or better understand the nation's attitudes to sport, we've got a tool for it.

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