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Our impact

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The crowdfunding pledges and grants we provide make a real difference to people and communities across England.

In 2023 we assisted over a thousand projects across the country through awards totalling over £10 million, and supported even more through crowdfunding thanks to contributions from individuals, businesses and groups who want to support local community sports projects. 

How communities are benefiting

The effects of these projects are being felt in many ways: 

  • Getting more people active: projects we fund support groups who might not usually get involved in physical activity. This includes low-income residents, older adults, girls under 16, culturally diverse communities and people with disabilities. This is leading to more people participating in sport and physical activities. 
  • Promoting health and happiness: regular physical activity can boost mood, reduce stress, lower illness risks and improve overall wellbeing. By encouraging people to be active, we're helping them live healthier, happier lives. 
  • Building stronger communities: sport and physical activity brings people together and helps them feel more connected to their community. By working together and sharing experiences, people feel closer to each other and build pride in where they live. 
  • Creating better spaces: grants are used to improve or build new facilities like parks, fields and community centres, which create more safe and inclusive spaces for everyone to get active. 

Stories of change

The following case studies reveal how different projects have made a real difference in their local areas.

These stories show how our work has helped turn neglected spaces into thriving sports and physical acitivity hubs, and given young people new opportunities to learn and grow. 

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