Tackling inactivity: essential insight

We have learnt so much already about how we can work together to tackle inactivity – and we've developed resources to help you get inactive people more active

Tackling inactivity is one of the key areas of work that underpins our new strategy Towards an Active Nation. It follows on from the work we’ve already done with partners to explore the ways we engage and support inactive people to become active – and now we've developed a series of guides to help inactive people become more active.

What we know

We launched our Get Healthy, Get Active fund in 2012 to look into whether sport and physical activity projects can be designed to tackle inactivity, improve public health, reduce health inequalities and manage or prevent long-term health conditions.

We have invested £13.8m to date into 33 independently-evaluated pilot projects that test everything from the role of healthcare professionals and volunteers to how we change attitudes to physical activity.

The projects are playing a huge role in building evidence for the future, with a number of journal articles being developed by the project research teams.

Looking ahead

We have learnt so much already about how we can work together to tackle inactivity.

An analysis of this insight, along with the evaluation from Sporta’s Make Your Move projects, highlighted 10 key principles for developing projects and services to tackle inactivity.

We have also developed other resources to help organisations understand the design principles and access more detail about what has been learnt to date.

We hope that they will add value to the existing wealth of guidance and learning from other organisations and physical activity professionals around tackling inactivity.

Our long-term ambition is to make physical activity the norm and decrease inactivity on a large scale. We look forward to working alongside partners on the delivery of this important work.


tackling inactivity design principles tackling inactivity design principles checklist
  • Tackling Inactivity – Design Principles: A guide to help you design projects and services that effectively target and support inactive people to get active.
  • Tackling Inactivity – Design Principles Checklist: A checklist to help you embed the principles and approaches from the Tackling Inactivity Design Principles into your service delivery and project design.
  • Tackling Inactivity – What we know: Key insights from our Get Healthy Get Active pilots Full Report: A full report that provides an overview of the impact to date from the Get Healthy Get Active projects.
  • Tackling Inactivity – What we know: Key insights from our Get Healthy Get Active pilots Executive Summary Report: Detailed insight and learnings that were used to develop our Tackling Inactivity Design Principles. Download the report and executive summary below.
get healthy get active what we know report get healthy get active executive report

We will shortly be publishing a further document that provides real-world examples of how GHGA projects have applied behaviour change theories. This has been designed to help partners implement principle 2: Use behaviour change theories.