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Tackling inactivity investment guide

Tackling inactivity is at the heart of our work.

Over the previous strategy period, which rans until 2021, we increased the amount we invest in helping inactive people become active.

We wanted to work with new partners, as well as partners we’ve worked with before, to co-design innovative, different and experimental approaches that will make a significant difference to many more people’s lives.

A group of men doing stretches at a walking football session.

Our approach

We spent at least £265 million to tackle inactivity over that four-year strategy period - that included our Active Ageing fund, which supported 20 projects across the country. 

We already knew that tackling inactivity is possible. We’re now attempting to bring about change at scale, working with an even wider range of partners.

Our investment guide explains our approach to tackling inactivity, and gives some general guidance to organisations considering applying for funding from us or seeking to work in partnership with us. 

We also recommend reading the government's Sporting Future strategy.

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