Kick-starting a passion for sport

A national programme shows how sport can help to reduce crime

Kickz is a national programme in the UK which uses football to engage 12-to-18-year-olds in deprived areas. It delivers sport coaching plus workshops on topics such as drug awareness and healthy eating.

In one location for Kickz in North London, youth crime dropped from 2,529 incidents in the year before Kickz started, to 867 in the third year of the programme.

20% of this reduced crime is attributable to Kickz.

Comparing the costs of delivering Kickz with the financial savings from the attributable reduction in crime gives a social return on investment of £7.35 for every £1 invested.

Social return on investment is about measuring value beyond what can be captured in financial terms - it accounts for social, environmental and economic costs and benefits.

Social return of investment, £1 invested, £7.35 social return