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Mental wellbeing

We believe the impact sport and physical activity can have on mental wellbeing is every bit as important as the physical benefits. 

Physical activity can contribute to enjoyment and happiness, and more broadly to life satisfaction through increased social interaction.

Volunteers and sports fans also have an increased sense of purpose and pride, while self-esteem and confidence are known to increase through participation or volunteering.

Sport and physical activity also have the potential to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. 

How we measure it 

The industry standard for measuring the impact on mental wellbeing is the percentage of the population reporting positive subjective wellbeing. 

To help us measure this, we'll use our Active Lives Adult Survey.

Exercise class with their arms in the air

The benefits of being active

The Government’s Sporting Future strategy identified five outcomes of sport, and everything we do and every project we invest in must increase and enhance at least one of these outcomes.

Learn more about the outcomes by clicking on the links below.

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