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Individual development

We know how powerfully sport and physical activity can affect an individual’s development. 

It can have a positive impact on a person's employment opportunities and provide support to those who are not in employment, education or training.

There's also clear evidence being active improves educational behaviour and attainment, through greater self-esteem, confidence and direct cognitive benefits.

It can also help reduce anti-social behaviour in disaffected young people and increase willingness to volunteer and the development of soft skills, such as integrity, responsibility and leadership.

How we measure it 

Successful individual development is measured by the percentage of the population reporting positive perceived self-efficacy.

To help measure the impact of sport and activity on individual development, we use our Active Lives Adult Survey

Class cartwheeling

The benefits of being active

The Government’s Sporting Future strategy identified five outcomes of sport, and everything we do and every project we invest in must increase and enhance at least one of these outcomes.

Learn more about the outcomes by clicking on the links below.

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