Active Lives: an update

07 February 2018

Women playing netball

We’ll be revising some of the Active Lives Adult Survey statistics when we publish the latest results on 22 March, after the identification of a technical software issue.

As a result of the issue, people doing exactly 150 minutes of physical activity were classified as fairly active, rather than active. This means the figures published to date have under-reported the number of people who are active by a relatively small amount.

This was a technical problem and doesn’t impact or affect the quality of the data we collected, nor how we processed that data.

What happens next?

Revising the results will involve making relatively small changes to the activity figures, but the overall participation patterns will be unaffected.

The two most recent sets of Active Lives results will be amended to correct this error and we’ll republish these together with the year two results on 22 March.

Preliminary analysis suggests this is an isolated problem but we’ll be carrying out further checks before reissuing these figures.