Active Lives: an update

22 March 2018

Women playing netball

We’ve published revised levels of activity data as part of our March 2018 Active Lives Adult Survey results, after the identification of a technical software issue.

As a result of the issue, people doing exactly 150 minutes of physical activity were classified as fairly active, rather than active. This means the figures published previously under-reported the number of active people by a relatively small amount.

This was a technical problem with the software used for the analysis – which is now resolved – and doesn’t impact or affect the quality of the data we collected, nor how we processed that data.

Revised data

The revised statistics, covering mid-November 2015 to mid-November 2016, have been published together with the year two results.

There have been small changes to the activity figures previously stated, but the overall participation patterns are unchanged.

We’re currently updating our Active Lives online analysis tool, which will allow you to explore the data and focus on your own areas of interest.