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Active Lives data tables

Take a deep dive into the data from our Active Lives Adult and Active Lives Children and Young People surveys.

November 2020-21

This report covers the period from November 2020 to November 2021.

This includes five months of notable restrictions (two-and-a-half months of full national lockdowns and two-and-a-half months of significant restrictions) and seven months of limited restrictions (three months of easing restrictions and four months with no legal restrictions).

Based on 2011 Census data, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) produced a set of residential-based area classifications for every output area in England. Combining these classifications with Active Lives survey, we've created sport and physical activity profiles for each Group and Supergroup. 

These profiles cover both the level of engagement in, and attitudes towards, sport and physical activity for each ONS classification (at both group and supergroup level) and the ONS pen portrait of the sociodemographic characteristics of the population in each classification (see the Groups descriptives and Supergroup descriptives tables).

Using these classifications, we've then created a set of Active Partnership profiles (see the OAC clusters to AP table). This analysis provides a further perspective to help us understand (at a more local level than is possible with Active Lives local authority estimates) how the characteristics of a local area and its population contributes to local variations in sport and physical activity.

November 2019-20

This report phase covers eight months of restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the full national lockdown from March-May 2020.

The report presents the picture as a whole, including the seasonal variation as restrictions changed throughout the year.

The table below is split, with the first set detailing the annual data, and the coronavirus tables showing a breakdown of data across the year.

May 2019-20

This report includes the seven weeks from 23 March to mid-May, when England was in full lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The main report and data tables present the overall annual picture, while the separate coronavirus report and tables isolate the impact of the restrictions.

November 2018-19

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