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Our design principles can help you make sure your facility looks great and functions well to help attract new members and retain existing ones. They also ensure your facility benefits all users regardless of gender, age or other characteristics. The best examples of a thriving club are those that make a continuous, conscious effort to design, manage, operate and maintain their facilities.

Our Clubhouse Design Guidance Notes cover project management, design, refurbishment and sustainability, and supplement the wide range of existing design guidance you can find here. If you have any questions about specific sports, we recommend contacting the appropriate national governing body of the sport.

Click on the documents below for detailed guidance on project management, design, refurbishment and sustainability. 

Clubhouse animation walkthrough

If you’re considering designing a new clubhouse or refurbishing existing facilities, the animated walkthrough films below will help guide you through the process step by step. These films take you on a virtual journey, highlighting some basic design ideas that will help you to make the best of your facility. This includes access to your clubhouse via public transport, the signage you can display for your clubhouse and more. 


Clubhouse design examples

The design panel documents below show example clubhouse designs, broken down into specific subject areas. These are provided to help club members and designers explore, discuss and explain the specific needs of the club and the nature of the site.

The following documents should ideally be printed in A3 size and can be used to develop your design brief and help explain your ideas to others.

Girl playing indoor table tennis

Facility plans and elevations

Facility plans and elevations have also been developed for a variety of layouts to help inform your decision making during the design stages. The layouts are examples of how our guidance may be applied and includes space planning and configuration at the starting point for a project/site-specific design. All figures, timescales, legislation and regulations are based on data and information available at the time of writing. 

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