Playing Pitch Strategy guidance

Our guidance provides a recommended step-by-step approach to developing and delivering a playing pitch strategy (PPS)

Covering both natural and artificial grass pitches, our document and approach has been developed in partnership with:

  • The Football Association
  • England and Wales Cricket Board
  • Rugby Football Union
  • Rugby Football League
  • England Hockey Board

This document replaces our previous 2003 guidance document 'Towards a level playing field: A guide to the production of playing pitch strategies’. 

Download our playing pitch strategy guidance

We believe that to ensure there is a good supply of high quality playing pitches and playing fields to meet the sporting needs of local communities, all local authorities should have an up to date PPS. By providing valuable evidence and direction a PPS can be of significant benefit to a wide variety of parties and agendas. 


Along with the national sports governing bodies listed above, we are keen to ensure that this guidance evolves and is improved upon through regular reviews and updates. To aid this process, feedback on its use and the development and delivery of PPS is welcomed.

Feedback, including good practice, lessons learnt and suggested improvements can be sent to our Planning for Sport team.

If you would like to discuss the guidance in more detail, or receive an email alert when any updates are made to the guidance, please also contact our Planning for Sport team. To register for alerts please include ‘Request for PPS guidance updates’ in the title of any email.

We attempt to keep track of which local authorities have an up to date PPS in place. A coverage document, which shares our knowledge, can be found below.

For guidance on assessing the need for other sporting provision, please see our Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide.