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Activity Check-in

The Activity Check-in captures data on people's attitudes towards sport and physical activity, as well as the barriers they experience to being active.

It also collects data on behaviours of both adults and children and young people towards sport and physical activity over time, revealing the impact of changing circumstances in a rapidly changing world.

Our Active Lives Surveys remain our primary measure of activity levels, but the Activity Check-in allows us to provide more regular updates, giving a wider range of attitudinal data and allowing us to dig deeper into specific topics, as required, at different times.

The study has two main components

Tracker data

Run at semi-regular intervals five-six times throughout the year.

Answers to a number of questions regarding people's attitudes towards sport and physical activity, plus detail on how much and what activity is being done, are collected at every quantitative wave.

The aim of the tracker data is to enable us and partners to monitor changes early and intervene quickly.

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Topic data

Collecting a unique combination of quantitative and qualitative data around a specific topic allows us to get a deeper understanding of people's motivations, barriers and behaviours regarding sport and physical activity, in relation to a focused area of current relevance and therefore inform our policies, and what the sector can do to help.

A summary report on each topic provides the headline findings and key takeaways, while we also publish the raw data tables from each wave, alongside topic questions.

Thematic reports