How do I find a volunteering opportunity?

There are lots of different volunteering opportunities in sport and a few different ways to find out about them

Volunteers have always played a vital part in the sport and physical activity sector. Without them, most activity simply wouldn’t happen.

Putting the experience of the volunteer at the heart of our efforts is a key feature of our new strategy for volunteering.

Volunteers play an important and special role in sport and physical activity and our research shows that they get something out of the activity too, with people who volunteer having higher self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

How to get involved

If you want to volunteer in a specific sport, the national governing body of that sport might be able to help you find an opportunity. If you take a look on their website, there may be information or someone you can contact.

Active Partnerships (APs) also do some recruitment of volunteers, so it’s worth checking with them too. Find your local AP.

Be Inspired promotes opportunities to volunteer at sporting events. 

Find out more about Be Inspired

Whether you want to volunteer at major events or your local club, Be Inspired can help you get involved with exclusive offers and opportunities.

If you’re specifically interested in coaching, UK Coaching has lots of information on how to become a coach.

More ways to volunteer

There are so many ways for you to get involved in volunteering.

You can Join in and volunteer in sport via the free Volunteer Opportunity Finder. You can search by postcode, skills, or location to find opportunities in your area.

Find opportunities on The Volunteer Opportunity Finder

"You don't have to be great at sport, or have always played it, to volunteer either," says Jennie. "Unless you're doing a really technical role, like refereeing, you won't need any specialist knowledge.

"If there's an interesting club or event near you, go along and ask if you can help – chances are they will be delighted to see you.” 

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