Volunteer survey guidance

We've put together some guidance and sample questions to help you run the best possible volunteer survey

Some volunteers at a kid's boxing class

Volunteers are invaluable. They help others to play sport and get active, enriching their own lives at the same time. 

Properly knowing who your volunteers are, their motivations for donating their skills and time, and what it’s like for them volunteering in your organisation, will benefit everyone. You’ll be able to make sure that your volunteers have the best possible experience, they’ll be more likely to stay for longer, and you’ll be able to improve recruitment of future volunteers.

The best way to get this valuable insight is to run your own volunteer survey.

Our guidance

We’ve pulled together some advice to help you run the best possible survey. Also accompanying this are sample questions. Both can be downloaded below. 

As well as giving tips and pointing you towards other sources of information, the guidance also highlights some things that our Code for Sports Governance requires Tier 3 Sports organisations to do. Running a volunteer survey is one of these, but so are things like showing how you’re going to act on the results, or sharing the top-line findings with us.

If you have any questions or are ready to share the results of your survey, please get in touch on volunteering@sportengland.org.