Coaching Clangers - What not to do

We teamed up with UK Coaching to take a sideways look at coaching and how to avoid some common pitfalls

In celebration of #GreatCoaching, we've worked with UK Coaching to produce a series of Coaching Clangers animations that take a light-hearted look at not-so-great coaching.

Coaching Week provides an annual platform for the general public to understand what great coaching is and to empower everyone who is receiving coaching to celebrate and recognise the people who coach them.

As part of Coaching Week, UK Coaching has also launched its Principles of Great Coaching, which are centred on the acronym PEOPLE and have been designed to help those who are coached, coaches and the wider general public recognise and understand what great coaching looks like.

You can find out more here, and click here to learn more about how we at Sport England support coaches around the country.

Coaching Clangers

Trophy Tantrum

Bench Banishment

Selection Stinker

Shouty Shocker

Controlling Calamity