StreetGames to expand in 50 areas

Charity aimed at using sport to boost the life chances of children can expand thanks to our investment

24 January 2019 News Funding

A teenage girl takes part in a boxing lesson as part of a StreetGames session

Young people in 50 of England’s most disadvantaged areas are being given the chance to get more active thanks to a £6.6 million, three-year partnership with StreetGames.

The awarding of the National Lottery funds follows a £500,000 grant made to the charity last year, and will allow them to build on their 11 years of using sport to enhance the life chances of young people growing up in deprived areas.

StreetGames uses the experience of their award-winning coaches, local know-how and the latest in community sport, research and insight to help communities throughout our nation to become healthier, safer and more successful.

StreetGames impact

The charity has welcomed 3.86 million total attendees to their sessions and events in 11 years.

The charity has worked with more than 1,000 locally trusted organisations that are embedded in communities, bringing the benefits of sport and physical activity to more than 530,000 young people.

Their CEO and co-founder, Jane Ashworth, has overseen the charity welcome a total of 3.8 million attendees to their sessions and events, involving 6,182 coaches and 15,000 volunteers – and she is still determined to see it grow.

“StreetGames is absolutely committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people and their communities through sport,” she said.

“Not only getting them more active but ensuring we support their mental and physical wellbeing, develop them as individuals within their communities, combat inequalities and help build an activity habit that stays with them for a lifetime.

“This critical Sport England investment will allow us to continue using sport and physical activity to help create stronger, more resilient communities in these 50 areas and beyond.”

Last month our first-ever Active Lives Children and Young People Survey showed that only 1.2 million children in England meet the guidelines for recommended daily activity.

Making sport and physical activity relevant and enjoyable to many more young people is a huge priority

Tim Hollingsworth, our chief executive

Notably, those from lower income families were less likely to be active than those from higher income families.

Our funding will be used to target those who are currently inactive or who struggle to maintain their exercise habits.

17.5% of children in England meet the guidelines for daily activity

StreeetGames will work with its network of local organisations to develop opportunities alongside young people, with some being based at satellite clubs – typically extensions of community sports clubs that are established in a new venue where young people already meet –  where there will be opportunities to get active and volunteer.

“Our Active Lives surveys show that too many young people are not doing the recommended levels of physical activity for their health, with those from low income families even less likely to be active,” said our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth.

“Making sport and physical activity relevant and enjoyable to many more young people is a huge priority – which is why this partnership with StreetGames is so important.

“Our National Lottery investment into StreetGames will help them bring low-cost, accessible opportunities to thousands of young people from disadvantaged communities across England.”