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More needs to be done to encourage more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to take part in sport and physical activity.

At a glance

Compared to other groups, data on the physical activity levels of the lesbian, gay, bisuexual and transgender (LGBT+) community - and the sport they play - is less well established. As a result, relatively little has been done to address engagement of these communities.

Research informing action

We commissioned Pride Sports to do a 10-week study examining the levels of participation of LGBT+ people in sport. The Sport, Physical Activity and LGBT+ report is the first step of many in our journey to engaging more LGBT+ people to take part in sport and physical activity.

Based on the findings from the report, we’re developing key actions designed to help encourage more people to get active.

man in sunglasses playing table tennis

Our strategy – Uniting the Movement

Uniting the Movement, our 10-year strategy launched in 2021, is our plan to make being physically active a normal part of life for everyone in England – to make it easier for all of us as we go about our everyday lives.

Getting LGBT+ people more involved in sport and activity is an important part of this plan.

We’re working to ensure LGBT+ people are given as many opportunities and as much support to get active as people with other protected characteristics.

Learn more about our Uniting the Movement strategy

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