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Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit

We’ve produced a range of resources to help you keep sport and physical activity going as the nights get longer.

We believe that the power of sport and activity to support people's physical and mental health has never been more important than it is right now.

Our research has shown that coronavirus (Covid-19) has made it much harder for people to get active and we know the change of season will only make it more difficult.

To help you inspire and motivate the people in your communities to continue to be physically active, we’ve produced an Autumn and Winter Activity Toolkit that’s packed with resources and information.

Two joggers exercise in the snow

It brings together the latest advice and guidance as to what is and isn’t allowed and a range of assets to help your organisation engage with your audience. You can use the materials as they are or adapt them with local imagery and calls to action.

The toolkit also connects you to the best and most recent insight about the way people are feeling about sport and physical activity in the current climate, as well as how you can join up with our three existing campaigns, This Girl Can, We Are Undefeatable and Join the Movement. 

We're working closely with the government to provide the latest national guidance to help you ensure you’re providing accurate information.

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