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Return to play

Coronavirus restrictions may have been removed, but the return to play is not over - here we've got guidance on a range of topics to help you facilitate and maintain the return to play for everyone

Current guidance

As of 1 April 2022, we're in the government's 'Living with respiratory infections, including Covid-19' phase of their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This means there are now no coronavirus-related legal restrictions in place.

All forms of activity can take place with no coronavirus-related restrictions on how many people can participate, and all sports facilities can open.

Read the government's guidance

Funding and advice

We opened a fund focusing on a safe return to play and narrowing the inequalities gap in sport and physical activity. Find out more and see if the open fund can help you.

In addition to this, with all facilities and activities now allowed to return, we’ve compiled five key things people have told us will help them return to play.

A man working out on a treadmill.

Inclusion and accessibility

It's critical that the people who were impacted the most by the restrictions are supported to get active now restrictions have been removed.

We've compiled guidance on how you can engage specific audiences, how to ensure your facilities remain accessible, and more.

See our guidance


We collated research on people's attitudes to sport and physical activity throughout the pandemic.

It looked at the likelihood of people returning to their activity of choice once restrictions were removed, what might hold people back, and how activity providers could help encourage a return.

See our research

A women enjoys a casual game of tennis in the park

Clubs toolkit

Club Matters has guidance to help sports clubs reopen, how to develop a risk register, and more.

Guidance for clubs on reopening

Support for the professional workforce

We compiled support and guidance for people either employed or self-employed who work full-time or part-time in sport and physical activity - known as the professional workforce.

It includes advice on planning for the safe reopening of facilities and how to retrain to retain work.

A group of volunteers talking to each other on a playing field.


Volunteers have a vital role to play as sport and physical activity providers continue their return from the pandemic.

So what should you be thinking about when it comes to your volunteers returning safely and well-prepared? We've answered some of the main questions.

Read our volunteering guidance

Case studies

All sport and physical activity providers had to prepare for the return to play, so we spoke to a variety of types and sizes of organisation.

We asked them how they and their users have fared during the pandemic, what they learned and how they prepared for reopening.

Read the case studies

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