Strategic Facilities

Facilities are fundamental in providing more people with the opportunity to play sport

The supply of the right facilities in the right areas is key to getting more people to play sport. We recognise the considerable financial pressures that local authorities are currently under and the need to strategically review and rationalise leisure stock so that cost effective and financially sustainable provision is available in the long-term.

We have a key role to play in the sector, from influencing the local strategic planning and review of sports facility provision to investing in major capital projects of strategic importance.

Quality and affordable facilities

Our Strategic Facilities Fund will direct capital investment into a number of key local authority projects that are identified through a strategic needs assessment and that have maximum impact on growing and sustaining community sport participation. These projects will be promoted as best practice in the delivery of quality and affordable facilities, whilst demonstrating long-term operational efficiencies.

The fund will support projects that bring together multiple partners, including input from the public and private sectors and national governing bodies of sport (NGBs). The fund is also designed to encourage applicants and their partners to invest further capital and revenue funding to ensure sustainability.

We have allocated a budget of circa £30m of Lottery funding to award through this fund (2013-17) and applications will be invited on a solicited-only basis. Please read the fund’s Prospectus for more details.