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Movement Fund - terms and conditions

It's important you read all the terms and conditions of the award, so the organisation understands how it must treat the funding.  

The award offer needs to be accepted by two people authorised to do so.

This would usually be a committee member or, for an incorporated organisation, a director.

Sport England recommend these conditions are shared with all persons with legal responsibility for the organisation. 


“We” and “our” and “us” refer to the organisation receiving the Award bound by these terms and conditions.  

“You” and “your” means Sport England.  

The "Project" means the project that you're giving us the Award for as set out in our application form and any supporting documents we provided.  

The “Award Agreement” includes and incorporates the standard terms and conditions and any additional conditions presented in the Award letter.  

The ”Award” is the Award as set out in the Award Agreement. 

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