Coaching in an Active Nation

Good coaching has enormous benefits for both the people who take part and the people doing the coaching

Whether it’s guiding people that are dipping their toe into sport and physical activity for the first time, accompanying others on a journey of improvement or supporting talented athletes, coaches help individuals progress faster and further than they could on their own. 

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Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active – and, importantly, good coaching is good for everyone.

Download our 2018 update on the Coaching Plan for England

Setting the scene

At the moment, coaching predominantly supports people who already have a regular sporting habit – which is great. These people are important, and improving their experience is a key aspiration for our new coaching plan for England.

But, for the first time, we also want to unleash the power of coaching for all the people taking their first steps to becoming more physically active. We want everybody to benefit from the support that good coaches can provide.

To achieve this, there is a real need to rethink the way that coaches are recruited, developed and deployed so that they can reach a wider audience and support more people to reach their goals.

It could be achieving a new personal best, attending a session with friends every week or getting some support to help complete that first marathon – whatever the goal, good coaching is vital.

Call to action

Following an extended period of consultation and research to pinpoint a series of guiding principles, commitments and actions, our new Coaching Plan for England aims to cultivate a community of coaches that inspire and motivate an active nation.

Download Coaching in an Active Nation: The Coaching Plan for England

Our coaching plan for England looks at:

  • How the coaching family is changing and the dual impact and benefits of the coaching experience
  • Coaching and behaviour change – how we help people get active and stay active, engage inactive people and encourage a regular habit
  • The current state of play, the diversity of the coaching community and the barriers to success
  • The road ahead and tactics to employ so that everybody can benefit from the wide-reaching benefits of coaching.

The plan is a call to action for everyone in the coaching community in England to modernise how we think and talk about coaching – and a quest to find new ways to improve the quality of coaching for everybody.