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Our vision

We're here to champion the life-changing impact of being active, and ensure everyone across the nation can benefit from it.

Imagine a nation of more equal, inclusive and connected communities. A country where people live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

There’s no quick fix to make this vision a reality. But we know being active is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to achieve it. This is why Sport England exists. 

The evidence is overwhelming that moving our bodies – through community sport, fitness and physical activity – improves our lives, individually and collectively.

From better mental and physical health, to greater career opportunities and social cohesion, movement benefits us from the day we’re born through to old age. And if young people are able to have positive experiences of getting active, it can help build the foundations for an active life.

Who we are

Sport England is an arm’s length body of government established by Royal Charter in 1996. We’re responsible for growing and developing grassroots sport and helping more people get active across England.

We use our expertise, insight, campaigns and targeted funding from the government and the National Lottery to do just that.

Some will become our Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games stars of tomorrow, and we’ll continue to recognise and support those with sporting potential in the crucial early stages of their development. Their sporting successes will bring us together and make the nation smile. 

Every single one will gain the many individual advantages of being active – and contribute to the building of safer, more connected and more resilient communities. 

Our role is to champion this life-changing impact, and ensure everyone across the nation can benefit from it. 

We won’t – and can’t - do it alone. Lots of us care about making life better across society, which means ours is a collective purpose: we’re part of a much bigger team. 

Together, we won’t stop until everyone has the opportunity, the inspiration and the freedom to get moving.

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