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Shaping our future strategy

We want to hear from you about what we should be considering as we develop our 2021-25 strategy.

In January 2020, our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth hosted an open webinar to explore our upcoming 2021-25 strategy.

Our current strategy Towards an Active Nation represented a radical new approach for us and our partners. It challenged us all to think, behave and make decisions differently – to truly ensure that sport and physical activity works for everyone, in every community and from every background.

We're proud of what we've been able to collectively achieve so far. So, as the end of this strategy period approaches in March 2021, we're actively reflecting on what we and others are learning and what that means for the future.

During the webinar, Tim gave a short introduction to the thought process behind Strategy 21-25, followed by a detailed conversation with Andy Reed – founder of Sports Think Tank – on some of the key considerations and challenges to this work.

The floor was then opened for an online question and answer session for webinar attendees to find out more about the process.

After watching the webinar, if you have any reflections that you'd like to share with us for our consideration as we develop Strategy 21-25, please do feel free to submit them using the form below.


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