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Shaping our future strategy

We want to hear from you about what we should be considering as we develop our strategy for 2021 and beyond.

In the past few months, everyone in the sport and physical activity sector has been working hard to re-prioritise their work in the context of a national crisis.

While there are many problems to solve in the here and now, we're keen to discuss what this means for our future and the wider environment in which we operate.

We believe that sport and physical activity has an important role to play in restarting the economy, reconnecting communities and rebuilding a stronger society. We want to play a significant part in that.

A woman dances in an aerobics class

So we're continuing with the work of developing our next strategy.

We've gathered thousands of perspectives on what really matters about what we do and how we do it.

A strong theme emerging from these perspectives is the challenge of tackling inequalities, be they in race and ethnicity, disabled people, women or those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

You’re challenging us to go even further in our ambitions to address the long-standing and endemic inequalities within sport and physical activity.

As a result, we’re working to build this even more so into the fabric of our upcoming strategy and use a whole-system approach to understanding more about the complex causes of structural inequality.

We want to develop a range of responses to your feedback that deliver systematic change over time, that we’ll take ownership of.

On 10 September, our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth delivered a webinar to the sport and physical activity sector discussing the progress of our next strategy, as well as current challenges facing the sport and physical activity sector.

Shaping our future

This document, ‘Shaping our Future’, outlines the direction we'd like to head in, shaped by more than nine months of engagement with our colleagues and the community of organisations who care about sport and physical activity.  

It's been created to test what we’ve heard so far and to explore where we go next.

It's not a plan, or a draft strategy. It’s an opportunity to check what we’ve heard and what we think it means. The aim is to generate discussion and feedback which will help us shape the strategy itself.

We feel it can play a useful role in the current context, too. At times of uncertainty and complexity, it can be helpful to have a sense of where we’re heading. It can help guide our choices and actions through this time.

We know our contacts and partners are facing very difficult circumstances, so while we'd like people to engage with our emerging direction as much as they possibly can, there's no fixed or prescriptive way to do that, and no deadlines.

Over the coming months, we'll create multiple opportunities to continue the conversation about our future and to shape our new strategy for 2021 and beyond. And we invite you to take part in this as much as you can.

Opportunities to engage in this consultation include:

  • Letting us know your headline reactions and feedback via the short survey below
  • Taking part in one of our structured sessions to discuss where we're heading and what that means for what we'll do - we expect these will be from July onwards
  • Contributing to an online conversation to generate discussion around key themes and questions - which will be set up from autumn onwards.

Please do share the ‘Shaping our Future’ document with anybody who you think is interested and may want to be a part of future engagement.

And for more information on how we've got to this point, see our Coronavirus: What happens next? page and watch the webinar our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth hosted in January 2020.

Throughout the strategy process, we're trying to get a perspective of where views are coming from. We've asked for a postcode to help us map views against areas of the country.
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*You can find out exactly how we'll look after your personal data in our privacy statement, but rest assured we’ll only use it to consider your thoughts, to provide feedback or to follow up if we require further information.

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