Hygiene for sport and physical activity

When taking part in physical activity it's important to take sensible measures to maintain good hygiene

Sports hygiene guidance

Good hygiene practice, by both organisations and individuals, helps ensure that everybody involved in sport and physical activity stays fit and well enough to keep up the activities they love and get the most enjoyment out of taking part, be it through participating, coaching or officiating.

Likewise, good hygiene is of equal importance for everybody involved in maintaining and working on courts, pitches and sports facilities.

We, in conjunction with Public Health England, the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine in Sheffield, and The Centre for Sport and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University, have developed guidance and advice to maintain good levels of hygiene when involved in sport and physical activity.

Backed up numerous national governing bodies, including those for football, both codes of rugby, hockey, the Premier League and The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the guidance, and associated digital assets, is available here or can be downloaded below.

Local partners and facility operators should consider the guidance and communicate the clear and simple messages widely, and regularly, through social media channels and display at facilities.