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Custom area reporter

Create reports for your own custom-generated geographical area, based on eight data themes – such as population, deprivation or health.

How to use

  • Select your area type: set the active report layer to the geography (local authority, lower or middle super output areas) on which to base your custom area.
  • Select your area: use the click, polygon, box or circle tools to select your custom area. It could be a small, local community, or a larger area crossing regional boundaries. Alternatively, you can use the paste option to define a custom area based on a list of IDs and name.
  • View the data: reports for each of the eight themes will automatically be generated, while you can also save your custom area for future use.

Please note, the custom area report aggregates all lower and middle super output areas, as well as local authorities, included in your custom area – even if only partially covered.

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