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Review into transgender inclusion in domestic sport in the UK

The review was commissioned by a group containing members from all the home nations' sports councils.

During 2020, the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG) commissioned a Review into Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport in the UK.

Subsequently a wide-ranging consultation has taken place.

In keeping with much of what transpired in 2020 during the pandemic, there have been inevitable delays in bringing this work to a conclusion.

We're now processing the information we've collected as we work towards a carefully considered outcome in this complex environment.

We're grateful for the input of many people in sport and the broader community, both within the UK and internationally, and look forward to sharing the outcomes of the project in the near future.

If a sports organisation is in the process of developing their own guidance on Trans participation in sport, please contact your home country sports council SCEG representative for an update.

It's anticipated that the revised SCEG guidance will be released later in 2021.

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