How do I assess and manage the risks in relation to volunteering?

When considering risk in relation to volunteering, you need to consider both how volunteers themselves should be protected in their roles, and the risk that involving volunteers actually poses to your organisation.

Consider volunteer risk alongside other areas of risk for your club or group and as part of an overall risk assessment. For example, if you were carrying out a risk assessment for a sports event your club was organising, you would consider volunteers alongside sports participants, the general public and any staff. Find out more information about how sports clubs and groups can assess risk:

The Welsh Council for Voluntary Action has a helpful guide to risk assessment in relation to volunteers.

Volunteer Scotland also has a good practice guide about volunteer health and safety.

A potential and often unrealised risk organisations face is that they unintentionally give volunteers the same rights as employees by treating them in certain ways.

For specific information on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults see the Club Matters website.

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