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Table Tennis England: our statement

A brief statement that outlines the reasons behind our decision to freeze funding for Tennis Table England

11th July 2017

We are disappointed by the news that at the Table Tennis England AGM on 8 July, their members voted against making changes that would enable the organisation to adhere to the Code for Sports Governance.

Our policy is clear. Organisations that don’t meet the Code for Sports Governance will not be eligible to receive public investment. Therefore no further investment can be made in Table Tennis England until changes are made.

The Code is a set of world-leading standards, launched to ensure sports organisations are productive, sustainable and responsible to benefit everyone in England who takes part in sport.

Published in October 2016 by ourselves and UK Sport, the Code includes clear guidance to help organisations meet the requirements and raise standards, and we have undertaken a substantial amount of work with Table Tennis England to prepare them to deliver their package of governance reforms.

We note that members rejected the proposed changes by a narrow margin, so Table Tennis England will be working to make improvements, and hope that in the future they are able to meet the Code to be eligible for public funding again.

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