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New consultation to help Active Lives data work best for users

The consultation aims to understand users' views about how we should allocate future samples at a local level.

5th May 2023

We’ve launched a consultation with users of our Active Lives Adult Survey to help ensure it best meets the needs of both us and users of the statistics.

The Active Lives Surveys are a major investment for us and continue to be foundational to our data, insight and learning work.

However, as we continue to implement Uniting the Movement there are aspects of the surveys we want to review and improve.

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We're therefore seeking your views on the best balanced approach for future survey years and our strategic lead for research and analysis, Andrew Spiers, is keen to hear people's thoughts.

In the past few years, we have seen considerable local government reorganisation and our new strategy, Uniting the Movement, has also developed our approach to supporting place-based working," he said.

"Based on the feedback received from users of Active Lives statistics and recognition that there has not been a comprehensive review since the survey began in 2015/16, we feel the time is right to review our approach to the allocation of sample to local areas.”

The consultation, which will run until midnight on Sunday July 30, will consider whether to reduce the minimum sample size for each local authority area (maintaining the overall size of the survey) and reallocate the remaining sample to places of greatest need and/or areas with the largest populations.

More information and background to why we've launched the consultation is available in the Active Lives section of our website.

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