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Crowdfunding for an active nation

Community sport and physical activity projects aiming to unlock match funding via donations

27th November 2018

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More than 20 projects across the country have been chosen to take part in an innovative pilot as we team up with Crowdfunder.

Community sport and physical activity projects are being helped to generate partnership funding by crowdfunding part of their costs.

Crowdfunding Towards an Active Nation has seen 23 projects invited to take part and raise funds from the general public that will unlock match funding from us.

What is crowdfunding?

On Crowdfunder, people pledge money in return for a reward which can be a product, benefit or service.

All the selected projects are already in receipt of funding from our Community Asset Fund (CAF), which is dedicated to enhancing spaces such as canal towpaths and open spaces and has already received more than 3,000 applications.

To enable us to help as many projects as possible, these 23 projects have received a portion of their requested funding via CAF before also being invited to crowdfund.

Whatever they crowdfund, up to £15,000, will be matched by us and our executive director of property, Charles Johnston, is excited by the opportunities crowdfunding can bring.

“We strive to ensure that any projects we invest in are financially sustainable so they can benefit their community for years to come, and often refer applicants to further sources of funding,” he said.

“The partnership with Crowdfunder is one of many ways we are learning how projects can ensure maximum success with fundraising, so we can better support them to raise investment."

Crowdfunder is the UK's number one rewards-based crowdfunding platform and has helped raise more than £55 million for community, charity and enterprise projects across the UK.

All 23 projects will receive expert coaching and marketing support from Crowdfunder to help raise money and build their own skills and capacity.

We strive to ensure that any projects we invest in are financially sustainable so they can benefit their community for years to come

Charles Johnston

our executive director of property

And the company’s chief executive, Rob Love, thinks the partnership will produce great results.

“We’re delighted to partner with Sport England to help sport and physical activity projects across England raise the money they need,” he said.

“Crowdfunder’s mission is to tackle society’s challenges by making ideas happen and we are excited to be part of an initiative that can tackle health and wellbeing in an innovative way.”

Ten projects have already launched so far, with more than £40,000 being raised to date. To view all the projects and pledge your support, visit the site.

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