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Statement on the government’s new sport strategy

Our chief executive has reacted to the publication of 'Get Active: A strategy for the future of sport and physical activity'.

30th August 2023

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has published the government’s new sport strategy, ‘Get Active:  A strategy for the future of sport and physical activity’.

Following its publication, Tim Hollingsworth, our chief executive, has issued the following statement.

“The government’s new sport strategy, with its strong focus on increasing participation and ensuring sport and physical activity is accessible to everyone regardless of background or postcode, is hugely welcome and comes at an important time for our sector.

“It is a highly ambitious document that clearly understands the role activity can play in the health and wellbeing of our nation, and how sport can be a force for good by reducing pressures on the NHS, improving educational attainment and bringing our communities together.

“The new strategy places significant importance on tackling inequalities, which ties in well with Uniting the Movement, our own long-term commitment to ensuring everyone, no matter their circumstances, has the chance to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being active.

“We welcome the inclusion of ambitious overall targets for participation, and the acknowledgement that no single organisation can deliver the scale of change needed. Instead, this strategy will require significant and sustained commitment across the public and private sector.

“The recognition that a new, cross-government focus to better coordinate departments is key to unlocking these benefits is also welcome, as is the commitment to strengthening integrity in sport and the determination in particular to ensure welfare and safeguarding issues are dealt with and best practice promoted.

“Some serious consideration of reform is vital; especially given the high-profile examples and challenges we have seen across multiple sports in recent years. Working through all the options must be a priority now if we are to ensure that sport is a safe and welcoming environment for all.

“We welcomed the opportunity to work closely with the government on the creation of this strategy and will be equally committed now alongside our partners to helping to bring its ambitions to life.”

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