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Joint statement on British Gymnastics' progress report

The national governing body has today published an update on their work following the recommendations of the Whyte Review.

15th November 2023

Our chief executive, Tim Hollingsworth, has released the following joint statement with the chief executive of UK Sport, Sally Munday.

Sport England and UK Sport acknowledge British Gymnastics’ publication of a 12-month progress report against Reform 25.

We value the approach that the CEO Sarah Powell and her team at British Gymnastics have taken to working with us, in particular the openness of conversation, in response to the findings of the Whyte Review.

Much of the substantive and positive work to date – namely the completion of 15 of the 41 actions set out in Reform 25 – will lay an important foundation for the organisation to build on and it is clear that the leadership remain firmly committed to this change.

We know, however, that trying to create meaningful change within a sport is challenging, and that it will take time for the full impact of these reforms to be demonstrated, not least given the scale of the welfare and integrity issues that were uncovered by Anne Whyte in her review.

In line with today’s publication, Sport England and UK Sport will continue to work with British Gymnastics in order to both bring about positive change within the sport and protect public investment.

Tim Hollingswoth and Sally Munday

Chief executives of Sport England and UK Sport

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