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Evidence review ongoing for British Ju Jitsu Association

We announced in August that the national governing body faced derecognition after a review found they didn't meet the Sports Councils' Recognition Policy criteria.

2nd October 2023

The four Home Country Sports Councils are currently reviewing information submitted by the British Ju Jitsu Association GB (BJJAGB) as part of a national governing body (NGB) recognition review of the organisation. 

Following a comprehensive recognition review conducted by Sport England in line with the Sports Councils Recognition Policy criteria, the Boards of Sport England, sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland unanimously decided to accept the review’s findings and proceed to derecognise the BJJAGB. 

In communicating the decision in August of this year, the BJJAGB was then given a deadline of October 1 to submit relevant evidence and information showing it's capable of meeting the policy criteria in order to maintain its NGB status.

Any decision to derecognise a NGB is one that must be taken by all relevant Home Country Sports Councils.

As such, the Boards of the four relevant organisations – Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland and sportscotland – will convene in the coming weeks to discuss the information submitted.

We'll then communicate an outcome in due course.

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