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Safeguarding for organisations, associations and bodies

Are you an organisation, association or body that provides services for clubs/groups that directly deliver sport and physical activity?

For example, you may be a governing body of sport, a county association of youth clubs, or an umbrella organisation for disability groups that are involved in the design and delivery of sporting activities. You may own a sports franchise, or you may even deliver some activities yourself.

Safeguarding cricket coaching session

Child protection in sport

Regardless of whether you are or aren’t coming into direct contact with children and young people, you have a responsibility for safeguarding. The Child Protection in Sport Unit provide resources to help ensure that you’re doing everything to keep children and young people safe – their online self-assessment tool will help you find out if there are any areas in which you could improve. 

The tool will take you through the Standards for Safeguarding Children in Sport. There are simple questions which will help you assess what your organisation still needs to do. We’ve also produced an information pack to guide you through each step in a bit more detail.

Safeguarding adults

Safeguarding adults is a responsibility for every sport and physical activity organisation.

So, getting this right will ensure a wider participation in sport and physical activity, and provide safe access for everyone.

The Ann Craft Trust has an online tool, the Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework, which can support all organisations to implement best practice in safeguarding adults.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport Framework

No one involved in sport and physical activity, whether they’re a volunteer, participant, spectator or an elite athlete, should ever have to worry about abuse or harassment.

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