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We’re working to promote positive health and wellbeing, embed gender equality and strengthen local resources and the capacity to reduce inequalities.

Environmental sustainability is integral to this work and to success.

We know, from the sector-wide consultation we carried out in the spring of 2023, that there’s a keen interest and awareness across the sector about environmental sustainability and a willingness to promote change where needed.

Partners told us they are keen to play their part to help achieve the UK’s target to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 and to improve the quality of our natural environment.

We know that climate change and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events is already impacting people’s ability and opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity.

A rugby coach speak to a group of children who have formed a huddle around her.

The need to raise awareness, find solutions and build in resilience are an ever more pressing matter.

The information here provides help and support on how to be more sustainable in everything we do – from training courses, to how we govern our organisations, to traveling to training and events, designing facilities and buying kit and resources.

We will continue to add to and update these resources over the coming months and years helping our partners consider some of the principles to apply to effectively respond to climate change, create sustainable communities and drive industry innovation across the sector. 

We encourage you to embrace environmental sustainability from the very start of your project and to treat it as a vital consideration throughout.

Everyone understands there’s much more to be done, from the management of major events, sustainable travel policies and selection and use of recyclable materials, to the creation and operation of energy and resource-hungry facilities.

Sports organisations should continue to lead by example, take a critical look at how we operate, quantify and record consumption and waste, and set challenging targets to reduce or eliminate it.

Responding to climate change is not an easy task but there’s no choice here.

The sport and physical activity sector is a force for good and has a major contribution to make.

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