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Active Environments Framework

Creating an active environment provides places and spaces for people to be more active and build healthier active communities. We've created a framework of specialist consultancy support for the sector which covers four 'lots'.

We know the physical environment in the spaces we live and work can have an impact on people being physically active.

Active Environments is all about creating the spaces and places to be more active.

Ultimately, it’s about developing stronger, happier healthy communities and better places to live, by ensuring our built and natural environments and the connections in between are designed or adapted around people, creating the opportunities to increase physical activity levels.

We know bespoke procurement exercises are frequently conducted to appoint specialist support in strategic planning, leisure procurement, urban design and planning.

These pieces of work are often similar in scale, scope, and utilise our guidance - so we've developed a framework to offer strategic sport and leisure advice for the wider sector to utilise.

BMTYRM - outdoor gym 1266

Our Active Environments Framework is a fully compliant framework which has been procured in accordance with the requirements of the Public Contract Regulations - please see the compliance statement for further information.

The framework supports organisations named on the contract notice to access the consultants on this framework under four different lots.

Strategic Outcomes Planning and Leisure Services Delivery Guidance

These documents help you to make effective investments into facilities and services, as well as capital projects.

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Assessment of needs

The guidance documents are designed to give a clear understanding of what’s required in an area.

This provides a sound basis on which to develop policy and make informed decisions for sports development and investment in facilities.

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Town planning services

We want to help the planning system provide formal and informal opportunities for everyone to take part in sport and be physically active - as part of this effort, we’ve produced the Planning for Sport Guidance. 

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Urban design services

As part of our drive to create an active environment, Active Design wraps together the planning and considerations that should be made when designing the places and spaces we live in.

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Features and benefits of using this framework

This framework provides access to specialist consultants (small and medium sized enterprises, as well as larger organisations) with extensive knowledge and expertise, who’ve been selected for their ability to deliver high quality, consistent services for contracting authorities to support Active Environments and to “create places and spaces for people to be more active and build healthier active communities”.

How to access

To call off consultants on this framework, you can either carry out a direct award or mini competition.

There’s a short form that needs to be completed electronically.

Please e-mail with your details and a short summary of the work you're looking to procure.

You'll then be sent an access agreement to sign, allowing access to the framework.

Once this agreement’s been signed, you’ll be issued with a user guide setting out everything you need to know about how to use the framework to make an award.


For a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the framework, including what each lot covers, the type of contracting authorities that can access the framework and how to access information to satisfy your internal teams about the compliance of the framework, see the linked document below.


The document below lists definitions for terms and acronyms used on this framework.

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