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Universal Offer engagement form - Privacy Statement

Thank you for supporting the development of our Universal Offer.

Your involvement in improving, shaping and activating the offer is really valued. You've received this information because you are a valued partner who already works with us or you have seen information shared on our website and are interested in being involved.

However, for this and any future communications we want to make sure you want to hear from us.

If you're not interested in receiving future emails about the Universal Offer, please let us know by emaling

We take your privacy very seriously. We want you to know what information we will be gathering, what we're using it for, and how long we'll keep it.

We promise we won't gather more than we need or keep any of your personal information longer than necessary to carry out the project you agreed to participate in.

You can read a description of the personal information we gather, its uses, and how long we keep it below. If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please contact Sport England’s Data Protection Officer at

If you wish to participate in our online engagement then here is the information on how you participate and how we manage your information.

Sport England and Microsoft Forms

This online form has been created by Sport England for the purpose of the Universal Offer Engagement. Sport England will be the controller over your personal data.

  • Sport England will be managing these registrations itself and will not pass on any personal data onto any other party.
  • Microsoft Forms will be powering this online questionnaire but will not be using your personal data. By virtue of them creating and powering the platform that your personal data will be shared and stored in, they are a processer of your personal data. Their privacy statement can be read here Microsoft Privacy Statement – Microsoft privacy.

What categories of personal data will Sport England collect about you?

There will be opportunity to provide personal contact details if you would like to participate in further engagement to help improve, shape and activate the Universal Offer. In order to follow up with you we would require the following:

  • name
  • organisation
  • role
  • email address.

What's the lawful basis for processing your data?

  • This is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest. The lawful basis is public task.
  • The form will ask questions on your personal contact details. We only require these in the instance you would like to participate in further engagement. The lawful basis for processing these data is your consent to do so. You can choose not to answer these questions.

How will your personal data be used?

By completing this registration form, you also agree and consent to Sport England’s use of your personal data only in the following ways:

  • To communicate an invitation for further engagement.

What are your rights to your personal data?

  • You have the right to access any personal data held by Sport England, at any time when the data is held in a way which could identify you. You will not be able to access your personal data once Sport England has removed it.
  • When the data are held in a way which could identify you, you can also ask us to stop processing your data and can ask us to correct the information we hold about you. If, at any stage, you wish to withdraw your consent for any collection or any use of your personal data, you can do so by email to Sport England (
  • You have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ‘ICO’) if you have concerns about how Sport England has processed your personal data. You can find details about how to contact the ICO on their website or by sending an email to:

How long will your personal data and identifiable responses be retained?

  • Sport England will hold the data collected as part of evaluation in a way that cannot identify you for as long as is necessary to support the research project and findings.
  • Your personal data will be retained for the duration of the Universal Offer Engagement or unless you make a request to be removed from the Engagement database.

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