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Other ways to generate funding

Our open funds won't always match what you're looking for, so we've compiled a list of all the other ways you can generate funding, from crowdfunding to Gift Aid.

Why consider alternative sources of funding?

We welcome funding applications from organisations big or small working to help people get more active. 

When you apply for one of our funds, however, we expect to see how you've already tried to raise money in other ways. 

As it's very rare that we’ll cover the entire cost of a project, it's essential you can contribute to the costs via other methods.

Having community backing and local partners supporting your project will also make the case for investment stronger. 

In this section we explain some of the different types of funding available to you.

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What are these alternatives?

To help you decide which is best for you, we've developed advice that covers a range of potential funding options.

Click through the tabs above to find out more about the different sources available.

Many will often see all these methods as fundraising, some of them are better seen as raising finance.

The difference may seem like splitting hairs, but it's important when trying to work out what type of funding your organisation needs – and, importantly, how much.

Fundraising tends to refer to raising smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time. It's often for smaller projects or to supplement an annual income on a regular basis. It’s usually seen as raising regular funds to help contribute to the regular day-to-day costs of running the club or providing your activities.

Finance is often used to mean raising capital funding – significant sums of money on one-off projects that lead to a step change in the kinds of activities your club can undertake and the revenue (and impact) you can generate from them. There is potentially more time and effort involved in raising finance – but organisations can also secure more money for bigger projects.

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