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Toyota Parasport fund

We've teamed up with Toyota and the British Paralympic Association for a second round of the Toyota Parasport Fund.

Please note, this fund is now closed.

About the fund

The Toyota Parasport Fund was an existing partnership between us, Toyota and the British Paralympic Association.

As part of the Toyota Parasport campaign, and following the success of 2019’s first round of funding, round two of the fund ran in May 2021.

The second round was a small, open investment programme of £200,000 with awards of between £1,000 and £5,000 for organisations looking to support disabled people to return to sport or activity, when relaxing of coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions allowed them to do so.

The fund aimed to support the shared goals of us, Toyota and the British Paralympic Association to continue to improve the quality and quantity of sport and activities available to disabled people.

A girl in a wheelchair takes a tennis ball from a coach

Key information

  • The fund opened at noon on 7 May and closed at 5pm on 31 May
  • Awards of £1000-£5000 were possible
  • Awards were to be given to organisations supporting the return to sport or activity for disabled people
  • Applications needed to be focused on returning disabled people to previously run activity, or on enabling previous projects to adapt to resume delivery, when that's possible
  • The fund wasn’t to support new projects or start-ups, and was aimed at clubs/organisations that already exist
  • Applications needed to be focused on the key funding priorities below.

Funding priorities

Intended applicants were clubs and organisations that could deliver sport or activity safely for disabled people.

The following are examples, but not an exhaustive list, of uses for the funding:

  • Additional sports equipment, or coaches/instructors for additional sessions because of having to deliver to smaller groups than normal.
  • Signage, sanitation, or training courses to help clubs deliver activities safely and accessibly.
  • To purchase additional equipment to send to individual club member’s homes on a loan basis, until they’re ready and confident to return to take part within the club environment.

The Toyota Parasport Fund offered funding to projects involving adults and young people aged five or over, which met our aims and the qualifying criteria.

The spend on the project should be completed within a 12-month period from the date of the award letter and aim to start within six weeks of the award letter.

This funding wasn’t designed to help with general running costs.

Who and what we're funding

  • Who can apply

    You could apply if your organisation is a voluntary or community club or organisation, registered charity, not-for-profit company or community interest company.

    Organisations established to make a profit could apply, provided the project doesn’t make a profit that can be passed on to shareholders or directors.

    Other social enterprises, schools or statutory bodies were also eligible.

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  • Who can't apply

    There are some entities we weren't able to fund through the Toyota Parasport fund:

    • Individuals or sole traders
    • Organisations not established in England
    • Organisations/clubs that are starting up or don’t yet exist
    • Applications made by one organisation on behalf of another (unless applying on behalf of a partnership)
    • Organisations applying for funding to cover general running costs.
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After you've applied

We’ll aim to get a decision to you within eight weeks of the funding window closing. 

We anticipate a high demand for limited funding, so please bear with us as our staff respond to the applications.

We’ll assess applications in the order they’re submitted. If we need some more information, we may contact you.

Please be aware that the Toyota Parasport Fund has a finite amount of money and may have to turn down eligible and potentially fundable projects simply because we don’t have enough money to support everything we’d like to.

If you're successful

While we can consider your application with just your application form, we’ll only be able to make a final decision to pay an award when we have the following documents:

  • Governing document/constitution
  • Most recent financial accounts – if you’re a new organisation, please submit a three-year income and expenditure forecast
  • Last three bank statements – if you’re a new organisation, please provide evidence that you have a bank account
  • Safeguarding policies (if relevant to your project)

Once those documents are received and you’re successful, you'll receive an award agreement by email stating the purpose of the award and containing our terms and conditions, along with our monitoring and evaluation requirements.

It'll also contain forms you'll need to fill in to accept and claim your award. Please read your award letter carefully and keep it safe for future reference.

Your grant is intended specifically for what you've applied for, and any proposed changes should be discussed with us in advance.

You should also keep all receipts and evidence of expenditure. Payments for goods and services for the project should be made directly from the organisation’s bank account (i.e. not by cash) as we may request bank statements to verify project expenditure.