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Physical literacy - thoughts from sector leaders

We captured the perspectives of sector leaders to highlight the essence of physical literacy.

Who we spoke to

The creation of the Physical Literacy Consensus Statement for England was a collective process, informed by a range of perspectives.

We embarked on a journey to capture various perspectives that illuminate the essence of physical literacy.

These stories – captured in an audio format with transcription – emphasise that physical literacy is an inclusive concept accessible to everyone.

Unlocking Active Lives: The power of physical literacy

Dr Lawrence Foweather: Reader in Physical Activity and Health, Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moors University

Take a journey to understand the vital distinction between physical activity and physical literacy.

Learn how finding purpose and joy in movement can lead to a lifelong commitment to an active and fulfilling life.

Unveiling physical literacy: From system thinking to everyday

Jeanette Bain-Burnett: Executive Director Policy and Integrity, Sport England

Discover how physical literacy empowers individuals of all ages to take control of their lives and health.

Join us on a journey from reflection to action, involving people at the heart of it all.

Coaches as catalysts: Fostering physical literacy and system change

Heather Douglas: Head of Coaching and Policy, UK Coaching

Explore the role of coaches in fostering physical literacy and catalysing systemic change. 

Explore the power of coaching relationships, goal setting, and holistic movement experiences.

Unlocking young hearts: Nurturing physical literacy

Emma Mackenzie Hogg: Development Manager Education (Primary), Youth Sport Trust

Understand physical literacy’s profound impact on young hearts and minds.

Discover how encouraging a deeper connection to movement and physical activity can shape a brighter, more resilient future for our youth.

Shaping Active Environments: A physical literacy perspective

Trevor Smith: Managing Director, Sportsmith Ltd and Vice Chair of the International Physical Literacy Association

Join a multi-hat-wearing advocate and explore how we can redefine our built environments to inspire a more active and engaged society.

Diving into physical literacy: A lifelong connection to movement

Katie Towner: Head of Learn to Swim, Swim England

Dive deep into the essence of physical literacy.

Learn how drawing lines connecting physical activity to positive emotions and experiences forms the core of this lifelong relationship with movement.

Unlocking potential: The power of physical literacy in schools

Joe Armstrong Programme Manager (Children and Young People), County Durham Sport

Discover how schools and communities can collaborate to create a strong physical literacy foundation, benefiting pupils, students, and society as a whole.

Physical literacy for all: Shaping an inclusive future

Adam Blaze: Chief Executive, Activity Alliance

Explore how physical literacy amplifies the importance of fostering positive experiences and environments for disabled individuals.

Learn how a collective commitment to physical literacy can benefit everyone.

Physical Literacy Consensus Statement for England

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