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Commonwealth Games equipment giveaway FAQs

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are designed to support applicants to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games sports equipment gifting legacy and adds to the main guidance available here.

The FAQs will be updated as new queries are received - last updated on Monday 15 August 2022.

Where no relevant guidance currently exists, we'd welcome feedback so please email on

Who can apply?

  • What types of organisations can apply to access the sports equipment?

    We welcome applications from groups who deliver community-based projects which seek to tackle inactivity and promote the physical and mental benefits of leading an active life.

    Organsations who are eligible to apply include not for profit community-based organisations, such as: 

    • voluntary, community and faith groups 

    • schools and educational establishments (for non-curricular activity) 

    • sports clubs 

    • Community Interest Companies (CIC) 

    • social enterprises.

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  • Who isn't eligible?

    • Applications from individuals 

    • Commercial organisations 

    • Applications from local authorities.

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  • We're a school/educational establishment – can we apply to access the sports equipment?

    Schools and other educational establishments are eligible to apply.

    The activity being applied to support must be solely for use during extra-curricular time.  

    If you are unclear, please email

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  • When do applications need to be submitted by?

    Applications need to be submitted by 19 September at 5pm. 

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  • What groups/organisations and projects are we prioritising?

    We'll take into account the following priorities in our decision making: 

    • Community organisations where there's the most need to support activity in the community.

    • Where groups/organisations may not have the opportunity or ability to seek support elsewhere.

    • Groups/organisations that support people who've previously felt excluded or prevented from getting active.   

    • We'll try to distribute the equipment fairly across the West Midlands region and across a range of diverse groups with different audiences. 

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  • Can the sports equipment be used for anything other than sport? I.e. gardening, conservation projects?

    Generally, the equipment available is focused on sport.

    However, there are some non-sporting goods that are available and, if the activity delivered is part of a wider project that involves other forms of physical activity such as walking, cycling, outdoor gym exercise, we may consider this.

    We won’t be using this equipment to support projects that focus solely on gardening and conservation projects. 

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  • If we don’t have the means to collect sports equipment, can we still apply?

    Given the volume of equipment to distribute, we expect community groups applying to have plans in place to collect the equipment.

    Please contact if you're unable to collect. 

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  • Are religious, faith, and places of worship eligible to apply?

    We welcome applications from all faith groups, particularly given the role we know many can play in connecting with inactive and underrepresented communities who deliver community-based projects seeking to tackle inactivity and promote the physical and mental benefits of leading an active life. 

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  • How is the sports equipment funded?

    All of the sports equipment was government funded.  

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  • Can we apply if we have an existing award with Sport England?

    Yes. However, during the assessment process we will consider previous Sport England and Active Partnership funding that your organisation has been awarded over the last two years to ensure there's no duplication.

    This will inform our decisions.  

    It's recommended that, in your application, you provide as much information on how your organisation and its participants will benefit from this new equipment - including how it differs from any previous award.  

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Items (catalogue)

  • What sports equipment is available?

    There's a catalogue of available items that can be viewed here.

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  • How many items can we apply for?

    The catalogue contains items that have been grouped together to form a 'lot'.

    You are able to apply for up to three lots from the catalogue.  

    Please ensure you provide justification within your application for all lots applied for.

    We can't guarantee you'll be successful with all lots applied for as we'd like to maximise the opportunity across the region.  

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Submitting an application

  • Can we make more than one application?

    Requests for equipment must be received in one application per organisation. Your application can include up to three 'lots' of interest. 

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  • Can we apply for a project that isn’t starting immediately?

    We can accept applications of projects that won’t be delivered immediately but we'd require more detail to understand, such as: 

    • When will the project launch? 

    • How will the equipment be stored?  

    • Why the activity can't begin now? 

    Note that we have a limited time to distribute the equipment so we can't store it for you.  

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  • Can we add a project that's already started

    Yes, you'll need to provide the reasoning for the need for the equipment and the additional benefits having it will provide to the existing activity and current participants. 

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  • Can we join our application with another partner to share items across multiple locations/applicants?

    Applications must be submitted by one organisation, who'll be the organisation responsible for the gifted item(s) including the terms and conditions within the agreement.

    We'd be supportive of organisations working together and the equipment being able to benefit more than one organisation and more participants.

    Please let us know of the details within the ‘Please describe how receiving this equipment would make a difference to your participants and organisation’ box in the written application form or on your video/audio submission. 

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  • Do applications need to be submitted in English?

    Yes. We're promoting this fund to organisations across the West Midlands with a cover note in 15 different languages.

    We do ask that the submission is in English and, where needed, applicants seek support from other members of the organisation or other contacts in order to translate their application.  
    If you require further support, please email or contact your local Active Partnership.

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Administration and process

  • Who'll be deciding how the sports equipment is gifted and what criteria will they be using?

    The equipment is being transferred to Sport England from the government and the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee.

    We're working closely with a working group consisting of members from a number of voices including – Birmingham 2022 organising committee, Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), Active Partnerships, Nishkam Civic Association and WMCA Faith Strategic Partnership Group.  

    The criteria to apply is set out in the application form. 

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  • Is there any cost to being gifted the equipment?

    No. All of the equipment is being gifted, so there's no charge for the equipment.

    We'll endeavour to ensure any equipment gifted is in good order, but you'll be responsible for any future maintenance or replacement costs.

    Please note that you'll be responsible for any cost incurred when you collect the assets you're gifted (in exceptional circumstances, if this presents a problem, please advise in your application).

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  • How do we collect the sports equipment and where from?

    We'll advise you of the process for collection if your application is successful.

    The equipment is currently stored in Tyseley, Birmingham, which is where you will need to collect from. 

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  • When will the sports equipment be available/when will we be notified of a decision?

    We aim to communicate decisions at the beginning of October and the equipment will need to be collected within 2-3 weeks of notification. 

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  • Do we need to report/evaluate how we have used the sports equipment if we're successful in our request?

    Successful organisations will also be asked for the following reporting in order to safeguard the investment into communities:

    • Within 12 weeks of receipt of the items, we ask for photographic evidence of the items being used together with a short summary of how it’s benefitting those involved. 
    • You should be aware that in some instances we may ask for a further update up to one year after receipt.
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  • Can the sports equipment be gifted on to individuals/groups to support tackling inequalities?

    No. The gifted items must remain the property of the organisation they've been gifted to or passed on to another community organisation if the items are no longer of use to the original beneficiaries. 

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  • Can the sports equipment be sold to generate much needed income for our organisation and activity?

    No items should be sold. If there are any item(s) within the package which you no longer need then please gift them on to another community organisation.  

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  • What should we do with the items if we're successful but cannot continue to deliver?

    We would ask that you find a suitable alternative community organisation and notify us of your intentions. 

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About your organisation

  • Why do we need to have a governing document?

    This ensures that a contract can be in place between Sport England and the successful organisation.

    This ensures the public funded equipment is gifted and used appropriately.  

    A well-written governing document will tell you many of the things you need to know about your organisations and will contain the answers to many frequently asked questions, such as: 

    • what it exists to do (its purposes, as explained in its objects clause) 

    • the kinds of activities it can undertake to further those purposes, what powers it has and any limits on them 

    • who the trustees are, how many trustees there should be and how they're appointed and removed? 

    • how to call meetings and what notice periods to give to call an annual or special general meeting (AGM or SGM) 

    • how to change the governing document, and which rules can be changed 

    • whether the organisation has members and, if so, who can be a member and what their rights and responsibilities are 

    • how to close the charity down.

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  • We're a group that's yet to form a constitution or legal structure, can we still apply?

    No. We can’t accept applications from an organisation without this minimum level of governance. 

    Support is available from your local Active Partnership should you need to develop appropriate governance to support an application.  

    You may also wish to partner with another organisation or group that meets the criteria. 

    For support on how to write a constitution please visit the Club Matters page here

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  • We're not affiliated to a national governing body (a member/affiliated to a sport organisation), can we still apply?

    If you are applying for equipment that's considered high risk within the catalogue, you'll have to be affiliated to a national governing body.

    For organisations delivering martial arts activity, it's expected they'll be signed up to the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts, or proactively working towards code recognition and be able to evidence this.  

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  • Why do we need to have a safeguarding policy?

    The safety of participants is key in all Sport England investments and we expect any organisation who wishes to apply for the equipment to have relevant safeguarding policies in place should they be working with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.  

    For non-affiliated organisations delivering martial arts activity, it's expected they'll be signed up to the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts or proactively working towards code recognition. 

    Please visit Club Matters for further information about setting up a safeguarding policy.  

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  • Why do we need to have an equality, diversity, and inclusion policy statement?

    This is to make sure the services provided to people are fair and accessible to everyone.  

    Please visit Club Matters for further information about setting up an equality, diversity and inclusion policy.  

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