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Active Employee Toolkit

We've pulled together a range of tips and tools employers can use to support the health and wellbeing of their employees through physical activity.

We understand this is a hugely challenging time for businesses and organisations and recognise the vital role you play in supporting employee wellbeing. 

Our research shows that many people are finding it tough to stay physically active under coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, yet there is growing evidence it’s more important now than ever for both employee and business health.

A woman working out in her bedroom

Keeping active has been shown to boost mental health, enhance immunity and aid concentration meaning a healthier, happier and more productive workforce with improved morale and better performance.

This toolkit is designed to help you support your employees to stay active over the coming weeks and months. It provides advice, tips and shareable resources so you can enable your teams to build more movement into their working day.

It’s primarily aimed at HR professionals and line mangers but can be used by anyone looking to promote or experience a more physically active working day.

We hope this guide will help you and your employees to feel like it’s possible for everyone to find ways to keep moving.

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