Grants are non-repayable funds that enable clubs and community organisations to provide services or activities

They typically take two forms – capital grants to help build or improve a facility; or revenue grants to help deliver activities.

Challenges of grants

  • Time limited support revenue grants rarely last longer than three years, so if you intend for your project to continue you must have an exit strategy on how activities and posts will be supported when the grant ends.
  • Specific activities funders mainly consider specific activities such as sport, health & wellbeing, education; or a target audience such as people in a certain area; while others might fund the employment of staff.
  • Operational costs  grants funders typically do not fund day-to-day running costs.
  • Competition for funding most open application processes for both capital and revenue grants are heavily over-subscribed and increasingly so. As a result, it is a highly competitive process and only the best applications have a chance of being successful, so be realistic about whether it’s worth the investment in time.
  • Reporting requirements – grant funding is not ‘free money’ and usually has conditions attached to its use, typically this means that you have to report back on how you used the grant and what difference it made to the organisation and its customers.
  • Time - it takes time to research and develop an application that meets the programme criteria. It can also take time to find out if you have been successful or not. Unlike all the other methods in this section, there’s less of a correlation between what you put in and what you get out. Time spent on a crowdfunding campaign will lead to you getting more money into the club as a result, but with grant funding, you’ll spend the same amount of time regardless of whether you get everything you need or nothing at all.

List of grant funders

The list below provides information and links to a number of different grants available for sports clubs and community organisations. It is not extensive as funds come and go, with new ones springing up from time to time.

There are literally thousands of grant funders in England it is not always possible to keep up to date with all the latest grants available, so we have included web links to some key search engines which provide information on all the latest grants available. We do try to maintain the latest live links, however, if you find one is no longer working please email us or call the Funding Line: 0345 8508 508.

Grant search engines

Grants from other organisations

  • Bowls England
    Help for affiliated clubs to find out more information on local, regional, national and even European funding opportunities.
  • Cash 4 Clubs
    Cash 4 Clubs offers all sports clubs in the UK the chance to win grants ranging from £250 to £1000. It is a simple scheme aimed at giving community clubs a helping hand and provide the opportunity to raise the money they need to invest in their club.
  • DSC Sports Funding Guide
    The Sports Funding Guide is a practical guide aimed at helping organisations and individuals looking to raise money and win support for their sport. Available from Amazon and Directory of Social Change.

  • Directory of social change funding websites
    Some of these links are by subscription only but local libraries may have copies of the associated publications:
         - Grants for individuals
         - Trust Funding
         - Company Giving

  • Educational Grants and Charitable Trusts
    EGAS offers students, especially disadvantaged students, expert guidance and advice to enable them to secure funding for education and training.
  • England & Wales Cricket Board
    Raising the money to carry out your plans is without doubt the most challenging task faced by cricket club committees and members. This guide will help steer you through many of the grant aid and development funding agencies which exist and to give you an insight into their respective funding criteria.
  • Funding for sailing
    Tips on putting together a funding bid and point you in the direction of some of the key funding sources that sailing clubs have been successful recently.
  • Grantsnet
    Grantsnet is a search engine for grants available to UK organisations.
  • Lawn Tennis Association
    Free to use grant search facility allows you to search through the thousands of grants and soft loans that could help you.
  • Lottery funding
    A free joint website run by all Lottery funders in the UK. This site allows you to search information on current funding programmes across the UK

  • M & S Energy Provides up to £400,00 of grant funding to groups to create community benefitting renewable energy developments. Applications close 29th July 2015.
  • Premier League & FA Facilities Fund
    Providing grants for building or refurbishing grassroots facilities, such as changing pavilions and playing surfaces for community benefit, with money provided by the Premier League, The FA and Sport England, and delivered by the Football Foundation.
  • The Rob George Foundation
    Provides financial support to young people who demonstrate exceptional commitment/ability in the world of sport but are held back by their financial situation from pursuing their goals.