Kiveton Community Sports Park

Following the asset transfer of the former colliery and land, the space has been transformed into a 3G sports pitch with ambitious plans to develop more revenue generating assets including a café and a 'mining themed' outdoor play area.

Facts and Figures

  • Type of project: 3G full size football pitch
  • Type of organisation behind the project: Community Development Trust (Kiveton Park and Wales Community Development Trust)
  • Uses of facilities: Football, Tag Rugby, Boccia, Goalball, Cricket, Bowls
  • Location: Kiveton Park Community Sports Park
  • Funding: Overall cost: £550,000. Sport England contribution: £75,000. Other significant funding: £278,454 (Power to Cha


 Date  Event
 1994  Pit closes
 1997  KPWCDT
 2011  Campaign to acquire colliery offices and land begins
 2014  Successful asset transfer     
 Aug 2015  Consultation findings inform decision to seek development of sport facility      
 Sept 2015  Funding secured from Sport England and in kind support from Harsco                     
 Oct 2015  Construction commenced
 16th May 2016                                  Facility opened

The Kiveton Park and Wales Community Development Trust were at the forefront of a successful campaign to take over the former colliery offices and land. the existing tarmacked courts were run down and dangerous. They saw that there was a real need for a quality sports facility in the neighbourhood. The idea, was to convert the newly acquired land into a campus comprising a range of facilities, including a pre-school nursery, social housing and sports facility.

The project was very much driven by Kiveton Park’s chair,Steph Hryschko, but supported by a strong committee which conducted extensive consultation to ensure they were clear about the needs of the community.

We needed something in the village, especially the young people, to get them something to do.

Keith Stone, Secretary and Trustee

This included a survey showing 74% of the community supporting activities for children and young people and 60% supporting sport activities. A plan for a 3G artificial pitch was developed which eventually opened in 2016.

The asset transfer was a long, drawn out process and as the project developed, Kiveton built capacity by co-opting local professional support alongside trust members and engaged residents with skills and a desire to see the development go ahead.

The business plan, developed at an early stage of the project in March 2014 had five core activity streams with a plan to increase use from 70% in year one to 100% in year five. There are distinct plans for a Phase 2 of the project which are focused on the building of a pavilion with changing facilities and a café as well as a ‘mining themed’ outdoor play area.

These plans all build on Kiveton Park's commitment to social enterprise and to making the facility sustainable.


  • Get the right steering group with committed people who understand your goals
  • Get the community on board
  • Stick to your own goals and aim high.


Our Community Asset Fund, which supported Kiveton Park, aims to nurture projects which address the five health, social and economic outcomes set out in the Government’s Sporting Future strategy .

We feel that Kiveton Park has performed particularly strongly in one of these outcomes; Community Asset Fund – Key Outcome: Getting under-represented groups active. In an area of high deprivation the facility has generated high levels of usage – operating at 92% capacity with 25,601 users (May 2016-April 2017).

The project also performed well in the following outcomes:

Participation – Target Groups. 1 in 8 young people aged 18-24 are NEET; 27% of households in the Wales ward have a disabled person or persons.

Health and Well Being: Walking football and Boccia sessions, some accessed through social prescribing models, provide vital exercise opportunities for target groups.

Personal Development. Many local volunteers performing site management, maintenance, refereeing and fund raising roles.

Community Development. A source of immense local pride which is talked about in glowing terms and is increasingly a place to visit, underpinned by a number of distinct user groups including Kiveton Park FC. It is also a safe space for many local marginalized groups to socialise.

Economic Development. Local shops report a pick-up of trade since opening.

New Ways of Working. The Trust has learned to be entrepreneurial and to ensure that its initiatives are sustainable.

A longer read

To learn more about Kiveton Park's story in greater detail download the pdf below.