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Transgender inclusion in grassroots sport and physical activity

Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of an active life and no-one should be excluded from being active.

Tackling inequality lies at the heart of our Towards an Active Nation strategy and we're working with the sport and physical activity sector to help it become ever more inclusive, so that more people from all backgrounds can enjoy sport and exercise.

We're working with a wide range of organisations, including women’s and trans groups, as well as safeguarding and legal experts, to produce grassroots trans inclusion facility guidance.

This guidance will be aimed at sport and physical activity providers and facilities operators and is designed to help them create a positive, inclusive and welcoming environment for trans people who wish to participate in sport and exercise.

This document is one we know the sports sector has been calling for and we plan to publish this in the near future when it's been finalised.

Separately, we've also commissioned Gendered Intelligence to develop a sport-specific version of their trans inclusion training, to help providers better understand how they can include trans people in their activity.

This was a series of training sessions to test the content, which are now complete, and the feedback and structure of them will be reviewed before any further training takes place.

We recognise there's an ongoing discussion around trans inclusion in competitive sport, but this is separate to the issue of participation and exercise, which is our primary focus.

Regarding competition, we understand there are strong and varied views and Sport England has not taken a specific position on who should or shouldn't be allowed to enter competitions, as this is not within our powers.

However, to help sports competition organisers, we're working with the other home country sports councils across the UK to commission a review around the separate challenge of trans peoples’ inclusion in domestic sport competition.


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